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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reviwed :D

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Moonlight Geisha

Demure satin-ish material top with japanesey motifs.
Added with a touch of sexiness with a sweetheart neckline and a lil scrunge at the bust area.

Available in four colours : Left to right - Yellow, Red, Purple and Pink.

Free Size (fits up to a UK 10)

Measurements : Pit-to-pit - 34 inches , Length - 27 inches

Yours for only RM 25

Its a steal babes !


Kitschy Shopaholic

Indulge in your addiction and wear yours with pride with our Kitschy Shopaholic.

Side detailings.

Butterfly winged and a keyhole peep at the back.

Lower elastic for that perfect tug.

Comes with inner lining.

Available in two colors White and Pink (sold)
Free Size (fits up to a small UK 12)
Measurements : Pit-to-pit - 38 inches, Length - 29 inches, Hip - 23 inches (elastic)

Yours for only Rm 36
Get it now drama-shoppers !

A burst of bows

Speckled with a burst of bows.
Lil winged sleeves for a fluttery fun day out.
Pair it with your favorite belt or ours (Sunshiney Daisy in white or black!).

Available in four yummy colors.
From left to right :
Cotton candy, cookies n' cream, black forest and lemon sherbet.

Free size (fits up to a small UK 12)

Measurements : Pit-to-pit - 38 inches, Waist (slightly high waisted) - 23 inches (elastic), Length - 29 inches

Yours for only RM 42


RM 57 (dress + Sunshiney Daisy)

Fluttering Dreams

Dreamy chiffony butterfly winged top.
Totally took our breath away when we found this love !
We adore the flowy and soft material which exudes a very feminine-like feel.
Pair it up with that sexy shorts or some ripped denims that you have and you're good to go.

Lil bohemian like detailings.

Available in dreamy pink, mysterious black and natural yellow cream.

Free size ( fits up to UK 12)
Measurements : Pit-to-pit - 38 inches, Length - 29 inches.

Yours for only RM 36

The Secret Garden

Chiffon-like, vintage looking and english roses prints.
Cook up a demure and secretive look with this dress here.
Pair it up with a belt and you're good to go !

Comes with inner lining.

Available in creamy off beige
(one reserved for Stella)

Free size (fits up to UK 12)
Measurements : Pit-to-pit -40 inches, Waist - 26 inches (elastic), Length - 32 inches
Material : Demure chiffon like

Yours for only RM 50.


RM 65 (for dress + Sunshiney Daisy Belt )

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mucho ♥

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Thanks so much dear and we appreciate it much !

The Drama-Frills

Monday, July 6, 2009

Carry Me

Bag it baby !
We love this bag so much we got it for ourselves as well !
Fits your girly mags for that fashion fix and even an 11 inch laptop with room to spare
Color : Black, Brick Red and Murky Beige
Measurements : Width 4 inches, Height - 9 1/2 inches, Length 14 inches
Straps are 30 (15 inches from shoulders) inches
Material : Leather lookalike with a nice sheen finishing

Yours for only RM 55



Flaunt your shoulders with this simple, elegant and chic looking toga dress

Side zipper

Toga and smocked back

Available in two glamourous colours : Black and Teal

Size : Fits up to a UK 8
Measurements : Pit to pit - 28 inches, Length - 28 inches
Material : Thick quality non-glossy satin

Yours for only RM 55

Its a steal babes !


Since zippers are so in this season, we've brought in some as well !
Loving the subtle hint of green and orange on this piece

Front centre zipper and a smocked bodice for that tight perfect fit

Comes with side pockets and you can attach any straps you want to this fun tube

Available in two colours :
Vitamin C (sold) & Peppermint - comes without the straps

Fits up to a UK 6 only (cutting is a tad small )

Measurements : Pit to pit 27 inches, Waist 26 inches (smocked bodice), Length 24 1/2 inches

Yours for only RM 40


The self-explanatory dress.
Capture summer in this tempting piece, you know you want it drama-shoppers ;)

Corsetted bodice with a tad poofed up skirt
Indulge yourself in this summer lovin' tutti-fruitti number

Available in one colour (as above) only
Size :
S (UK 6-small 10)
M (UK 10-12)
Material : Thick quality cotton

Yours for only RM 55


Bite Me !

Fun, loving and flirty

Wear it as a top or a short dress if you like :)

Gathered collar detailing on the front with cheerful cherry print.
Perfect for that girly day out
Straps can be worn in three different ways so take your pick on how to flaunt that sexy back.
Available in three cheery colours :
Dark blue

Free size
Measurements : Pit to pit - 27 inches, smocked back, Length - 27 1/2 inches with adjustable tie it yourself straps

Material : Cotton

Yours for only RM 27



If you're artsy-fartsy then you'll love this edgy piece here.
Soft cotton for the top part and thick cotton for the artistic bit.
You'll get a mix of the plain and fancy.

Side zipper and elastic waist for the extra definition of your waist.

Pair it up with leggings, tights, jeans or even that skinnies that you have.
Versatile throughout the day and night.

Available in Night and Day
Measurements :
Pit to pit - 32 inches
Length 24 1/2 inches

Free size

Yours for only RM 45

Friday, July 3, 2009

Woven Twirl

This lil knick-knack brings about a funky feature to the basic plain tees we all have.

Casual looking and perfect for a day out.
This lil knockout here goes with almost everything.

Available only in Silver

Yours for only RM 21

Hidden Treasure

Fill the air with elegance and poise when you put this lil knick-knack with that fantabulous dress you've got.

Simple, delicate and no frills.
Available in Gold and Silver

Yours for only Rm 25